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Cotton Pads Combo New -16%

Cotton Pads Combo

1  25pcs Cotton Pads Pack1  50pcs Cotton Pads PackCountry of Origin- IndiaLint free cotton..

INR 249.00 INR 210.00 Ex Tax: INR 187.50

Face Sponges Set New -9%

Face Sponges Set

Pack of twoThese face sponges are excellent for removing makeup and cleansing the skin of liquid, cr..

INR 198.00 INR 180.00 Ex Tax: INR 152.54

Handmade Combs Combo New -8%

Handmade Combs Combo

1 pc Pocket Comb1 pc Dressing CombThese combs are made of cellulose acetate material, a non-petroleu..

INR 300.00 INR 275.00 Ex Tax: INR 245.54

Makeup Sponges Combo New -11%

Makeup Sponges Combo

1 pc Beauty Blender2 pcs Foundation SpongesBeauty Blender is a soft multipurpose sponge for flawless..

INR 305.00 INR 270.00 Ex Tax: INR 228.81

Nail Files Combo New -10%

Nail Files Combo

1 pc Small Nail File1 pc Long Nail FileThe correct way to file your nails is to file from side of th..

INR 220.00 INR 199.00 Ex Tax: INR 168.64

Scissors Kit -20%

Scissors Kit

1pc Straight Scissor1pc Safety ScissorFree Face Towel worth Rs. 50Country of Origin- India..

INR 350.00 INR 280.00 Ex Tax: INR 237.29

Nail Clippers Combo -6%

Nail Clippers Combo

1pc Nail Clipper1pc Travel Nail ClipperQuality product with sharp & precise cutting without pain..

INR 249.00 INR 235.00 Ex Tax: INR 199.15

Scissor Tweezer Combo -15%

Scissor Tweezer Combo

1pc Safety Scissor1pc Precision TweezerCountry of Origin- India..

INR 325.00 INR 275.00 Ex Tax: INR 233.05

Detangling Combs Combo -16% SOLD OUT

Detangling Combs Combo

3pcs Detangling Combs3 designs as in image..

INR 297.00 INR 250.00 Ex Tax: INR 223.21

Natural Loofahs Combo -10%

Natural Loofahs Combo

1pc Oval Loofah Pad1pc Natural Heart LoofahCountry of Origin- India..

INR 290.00 INR 260.00 Ex Tax: INR 247.62

Luxury Bath Sponges Combo -7%

Luxury Bath Sponges Combo

2 pcs Bath Sponges2 different colors as in imageThe soft bath sponges produce great lather with any ..

INR 140.00 INR 130.00 Ex Tax: INR 110.17

Feet Care Pack -9%

Feet Care Pack

1pc Foot Brush And Pumice Stone1pc Pedicure fileFree Face Towel worth Rs. 50Country of Origin- China..

INR 320.00 INR 290.00 Ex Tax: INR 245.76

Body Refresh Pack -4%

Body Refresh Pack

1pc Extendable Braided Back Scrubber 1pc Natural Sisal bath Ball Free Face Towel worth Rs. 50Count..

INR 260.00 INR 250.00 Ex Tax: INR 211.86

Natural Shine Pack -6%

Natural Shine Pack

1pc Natural Volcanic stone. 1pc Natural Heart Loofah Free Face Towel worth Rs. 50Country of Origin..

INR 360.00 INR 340.00 Ex Tax: INR 288.14

Scrubber Loofah Kit 2 -5%

Scrubber Loofah Kit 2

1pc Extendable Braided Back Scrubber1pc Ablong Loofah padFree Face Towel worth Rs. 50Country of Orig..

INR 310.00 INR 295.00 Ex Tax: INR 250.00