Face Care

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Nasal Safety Scissors -10%

Nasal Safety Scissors

Designed to cut nasal hair safely and with utmost easeMade from high quality stainless steelMatte fi..

INR 145.00 INR 130.00 Ex Tax: INR 110.17

Pimple & Blackhead Remover -12%

Pimple & Blackhead Remover

Clean skin of make up and oils. Place loop over pimple or blackhead & press very gently. If the..

INR 170.00 INR 150.00 Ex Tax: INR 127.12

Straight Tweezers -10%

Straight Tweezers

Multipurpose tweezers suitable for all types of tweezingFor best results, use after a hot shower or ..

INR 145.00 INR 130.00 Ex Tax: INR 110.17

Precision Tweezers -10%

Precision Tweezers

Ideal for removing eyebrow hair. For best results, use after a hot shower or after applying a hot to..

INR 145.00 INR 130.00 Ex Tax: INR 110.17

FoundationSponges(2 pcs) -4%

FoundationSponges(2 pcs)

Foundation Sponges perfectly designed to apply cream evenly on your faceHas two sponges that are mad..

INR 99.00 INR 95.00 Ex Tax: INR 80.51

Makeup Brush Set (Set of 5) -10%

Makeup Brush Set (Set of 5)

5 most preferred Makeup Brushes for daily useBlush Brush- Provided with a round head which is perfec..

INR 250.00 INR 225.00 Ex Tax: INR 190.68

Powder Brush -7% Out Of Stock

Powder Brush

A soft, rounded Powder Brush suitable for application of pressed powder, loose powder, bronzers with..

INR 210.00 INR 195.00 Ex Tax: INR 165.25

Makeup Mirror -10%

Makeup Mirror

Mirror with Foldable handle2 sided Makeup Mirror, one with normal 1x & other with 2x magnificati..

INR 150.00 INR 135.00 Ex Tax: INR 114.41

Beauty Blender- Pink New -13%

Beauty Blender- Pink

Soft sponge for flawless makeupMade from non-latex & non-allergic materialEnsures more coverage ..

INR 150.00 INR 130.00 Ex Tax: INR 110.17

Eyelash Curler New

Eyelash Curler

Perfect tool to make eyes look brighter and eyelashes look longer and fullerLoaded Spring and antisk..

INR 120.00 Ex Tax: INR 101.69